A school television channel with a fortnightly news bulletin, its own studio and students who take on the role of journalists.

“TV na Maior” is the name of the TV channel of the Santa Maria Maior School Cluster, in Viana do Castelo, involving students from various years and courses and coordinated by four teachers. The contents of the channel (news, features, interviews, reports) are made by the high school students of the school and focus on what is going on inside the school itself (publicizing new services, library activities, school sports, work developed by students or teachers, among others). On the website, anyone can access the work developed by the editorial staff of “TV na Maior”, who have the technical support (sound, image, and editing) of the students of the Audiovisual Technician Course of the school cluster. It was, in fact, thanks to this course that the project emerged in 2016 through an application to the competition “Ideas with Merit”, promoted by the National Network of School Libraries.