NATIONAL CINEMA PLAN – A joint initiative of the governmental areas of Culture and Education, the National Film Plan is an Institutional Protocol operationalized since 2015 by a working team that includes members of the Cinemateca Portuguesa – Film Museum (CP-MC), the Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual (ICA) and the Directorate-General for Education (DGE).


Within the scope of mission of the National Cinema Plan(PNC), the following have been set out as fundamental features:

CINEMA LITERACY – Implementing cinema literacy among school-age individuals and promoting national cinematographic works.

EDUCATING AUDIENCES ON THE CINEMA– Guaranteeing individuals have the basic instruments to “read” and understand cinematographic and audiovisual works, getting young people to experience the joy of going to the cinema regularly throughout their lives, while also ensuring the cinema is appreciated as an art in schools and their respective educational communities, as set out in the Institutional Protocol of the National Cinema of March 2015.

INVOLVEMENT OF SCHOOLS – Promoting the PNC in school clusters and individual schools, providing the necessary information for them to get involved and participate in the project.

COOPERATION WITH THE CINEMA AND AUDIOVISUAL SECTOR– Cooperating with various entities in the cinema and audiovisual sector with the purpose of teaching and learning cinema and educating audiences on the cinema.

PROMOTION AND EXHIBITION OF CINEMA – Adopting legally appropriate procedures to ensure compliance with standards for the promotion and exhibition of cinema among educational communities.