Primeiro Plano Project

The Primeiro Plano project aims to bring together projects and initiatives that develop cinema for, with, and through children and youth in education on an inter-institutional platform: Primeiro Planothe spectator under construction in order to form a network of initiatives in cinema and education in Portugal.

 On the portal it is possible to download pedagogical materials made available by the projects, watch films produced, and obtain information about each initiative. Each project is responsible for managing its own content

The portal functions as a cooperation network for those who work with film in education, making their projects, films, and pedagogical materials known. Different methodologies and pedagogies are also available, enabling the exchange of experiences and ideas, creating groups and synergies to form a cooperation network.

The project is being developed by CIAC- Centro de Investigação em Artes e Comunicação [Arts and Communication Research Centre] and is funded by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia [Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology]

Primeiro Plano