PICCLE is a platform for the creation, aggregation, and curation of content aimed at teachers to assist them in the development of digital literacy skills of students in the 3rd cycle of basic education and in secondary school.

The Platform offers numerous Resources, proposals for Activities, as well as Theoretical Models, Studies, and Intervention Projects selected and presented by a group of experts with recognized work and merit in five central Areas at the intersection of literacy: Reading, Writing, Media, Information, and Digital.

PICCLE is in line with the “Student Profile by the End of Compulsory Schooling”, according to which each young person should be a citizen “equipped with multiple literacies that enable him/her to analyse and critically question reality, evaluate and select information, formulate hypotheses and make informed decisions in his/her daily life”. (Martins et al, 2017, p. 15).

Text taken from the PICCLE site.

PICCLE –Intervention Plan for Competent Citizens in Reading and Writing

Vitor Tomé – Scientific Coordinator

MILObs Team
Joana Fillol (CECS/UMinho)
Sara Pereira (CECS/UMinho)

National Reading Plan project (PNL2027) funded by the Programa Operacional Capital Humano (POCH) [ Human Capital Operational Programme]

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