Joana Fillol is a doctoral student in Communication Sciences with a grant from the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology. She is based at the Communication and Society Research Centre of the University of Minho, where she has conducted research on children, young people, the news and Media Literacy. She is a permanent contributor to MILObs – Observatory on Media, Information and Literacy and is the co-author of the radio programme Ouvido Crítico [Critical Ear], broadcast on Antena 1. She has a degree in Journalism from the University of Coimbra, worked for several years in print media and collaborated on two books about two symbols of the city of Oporto (the Metro and RTP). In 2015, she founded a news site for children and young people called Jornalíssimo, which had a weekly feature on the 2nd channel of the Portuguese public service television. Full profile here.




Catarina Navio is a doctoral student in Communication Sciences at the University of Minho. She worked for two years in the Audiences and Market Research Office of RTP and for four years in digital marketing agencies. Her research interests include hate speech, Media Literacy, Media Education, fan culture and children and young people.






Pedro Moura

Pedro Moura is a doctoral student at the University of Minho (Doctoral Programme in Communication Sciences). He is also a researcher at the university’s Communication and Society Research Centre (CECS). His main research interests are linked to media reception and audience studies, transmedia narratives, and media education and literacy. He has been a MILObs contributor since December 2021.