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November 16, 2018

Rafael Gué Martin, professor of Education and Communication at the Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina/UDESC (Brazil) (Santa Catarina State University) is the next guest to take part in the Permanent Seminar on Media Education. With the official launch of MILOBs, this seminar will now be known as the MILObs (Observatory on Media, Information and Literacy) Seminar
The first session of this year’s Seminar will take place next Thursday, November 22nd, at 2:30pm, in the Engineering Auditorium of the University of Minho (building in front of ICS) and will focus on the perspectives of intervention in the field of Media Education in Brazil.
As Rafael Gué Martin, who is also a doctoral student in Education at the University of Minho and deputy team leader of the research group Educom Floripa/CNPq – states, the approach will be based on “practical experiences with audio-scripto-visual language in the promotion of Media and Information Literacy (MIL) in social-environmental projects and schools in Brazil. These experiences have enabled the development of methodological strategies and reflections on Educommunicative Pedagogical Practices (EPP), with a focus on meaningful learning. Among the strategies and reflections to be covered are: project pedagogy; the video-forum; creative workshops; work with multi-age groups; team vs class; and learning-teaching. These issues will serve as a basis to discuss new possibilities of introducing Educommunication in Brazil and in other countries.

Further information on the projects being discussed by Rafael Gué Martin ( at the seminar can be found here:

Facebook / Youtube: Educom.cine

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