The Journal of Media Literacy Education (V. 11, nº 2)

Research Articles

– Media Literacy Education for All Ages

Päivi Rasi, Hanna Vuojärvi, Heli Ruokamo

– Media Literacy Education in the Age of Machine Learning

Teemu Valtonen, Matti Tedre, Kati Mäkitalo, Henriika Vartiainen

– Assessing Online Viewing Practices Among College Studentes

Elizabeth J. Threadgill and Larry R. Price

– Story Sharing in a Digital Space to Counter Othering and Foster Belonging and Curiosity among College Students

Gina Baleria

– Adolescents’ Digital Literacies in Flux: Intersections of Voice, Empowerment, and Practices

Sandra Schamroth Abrams, Mary Beth Schaefer, and Daniel Ness

– Measuring Media Literacy Inquiry in Higher Education: Innovation in Assessement

Evelien Schilder and Theresa Redmond

– Faith Leaders Developing Digital Literacies: Demands and Resources across Career Stages According to Theological Educators

Kyle M. Oliver and Stacy Williams-Duncan

– “So, Tell Me What Kind of a Thing Really Is” – Finnish Older Adults Making Sense of Home Technology



Päivi Rasi, Heli Ruokamo, Hanna Vuojärvi



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