The Journal of Media Literacy Education (V. 11, nº 1)

Research Articles

Preparing Pre-Service Teachers to Teach Media Literacy: A Response to “Fake News”
Todd S. Cherner and Kristal Curry

Critical Awareness of Media and Teacher Education: An Experience with Colombian ELT Pre-Service Teachers
Camilo Dominguez

Developing Student Critical Consciousness: Twitter as a Tool to Apply Critical Literacy in the English Classroom
Joshua P. Kunnath and Arika Jackson

Media Literacy and American Education: An Exploration with Détournement
Seth D. French and Jacob Campbell

A Case for the Common Good: How Training in Faith-based Media Literacy Helped Teachers Address Social Justice Issues in the Classroom
Maria Rosalia Tenorio de Azevedo

Book/Media Reviews

Book Review: Breakbeat Pedagogy: Hip Hop and Spoken Word Beyond the Classroom Walls
Drew Emanuel Berkowitz

Review: Crash Course in Media Literacy
Faith Rogow Ph.D.

Renee Hobbs e Paul Mihailidis

2019 (V. 11, nº 1)

National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE). Sponsor: Harrington School of Communication and Media, University of Rhode Island.


The Journal of Media Literacy Education (V. 11, nº 1)