The Media Education Research Journal (V. 7, nº 2)


Guest Editorial – Media Education in the Time of ‘Brexit’ _ 5
Richard Berger and Julian McDougall

Full Articles

Understanding the role of media education in promoting religious literacy
A critical pedagogy for primary school students in rural India _ 11
Kiran Bhatia

Is there a role for the news industry in improving news literacy? _ 29
Maria José Brites and Manuel Pinto

The Storytellers Tell Their Stories: using stories of lived experience in journalism education _ 47
Karen Fowler-Watt

Understanding Hegemony: Half-Changed Minds as a Challenge to Teaching Youth about Gender Using Media Literacy Education _ 65
Elizaveta Friesem

Media Literacy in Thai Schools: A Paradoxical Challenge _ 84
Charlotte Hill

Challenging versus protecting in a mediatized society: A media-wise decision process _ 103
Wil Meeus, Joris Van Ouytsel, Aleksander Driesen and Paul Janssenswillen

The Impact of a Media Literacy Intervention on Body Image, Self-Esteem, Disordered Eating and/or Eating Disorders in Men and Women _ 120
Sara Santarossa and Sarah J. Woodruff


The Class: Living and Learning in the Digital Age & By Any Media Necessary: The New Youth Activism _ 137
Reviewed by Julian McDougall

Exploring the Roots of Digital and Media Literacy through Personal Narrative _ 142
Reviewed by Antonio Lopez

Richard Berger and Julian McDougall

2018 (V. 7, nº 2)

Centre for Excellence in Media Practice, Bournemouth University

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The Media Education Research Journal (V. 7, nº 2)